If you are interested, please contact us at:


Roland Müllener

Chalet Matadi, Lauenenstrasse 157

CH - 3780 Gstaad (Switzerland)

Tel. +41 79 406 95 25

E-Mail: info@puntabonita.com


Administrator in Punta Bonita:

Dani Gütler

Tel. +1 829 333 9000

E-Mail: daniel.guetler@bluewin.ch




Something personal

In the Caribbean you need a little bit more patience than you are used to. "Mañana" means "tomorrow" in Spanish; in the Dominican Republic it means "not today"…


Over the years, the Dominicans have always welcomed us with open arms and joie de vivre. We are very grateful for this. Even when we feel in Punta Bonita like being at home, we always know, that we are guests in this wonderful country.



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All the pictures on this website were taken by the owners of the houses or by our guests.


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